Name: Via Veneto 89
Location: Rome
Anno: 2018 – ongoing
Tipology: Office
Surface: SL 17.200 mq
Perelli Consulting S.r.l.,
Tekser S.r.l,
CEAS S.r.l.
Client: Prelios SGR, Ardian Italy

The historic headquarters of INA, an imposing building inaugurated in 1927 on Via Veneto in the centre of Rome, is one of the first prototypes of office buildings in Italy. In compliance with the constraints imposed by the Superintendency, Studio Scandurra’s renovation project takes as its starting point the original drawings of the Milanese architect Carlo Broggi, in order to adapt the spaces of the historic building to the needs and requirements of contemporary working environments. The intervention aims to clarify and simplify the internal layout of the building, removing all the superficialities that have accumulated over time and restoring the internal courtyard, the linchpin of the original project.

The reorganisation of the positioning of the cores and fixtures facing the courtyard has favoured both the visual and physical permeability of the building, made possible by the design of a transparent, accessible skylight above the lobby for those entering from Via Veneto and directly connecting all the offices on the first floor.

The intervention in the former INA building also frees the sixth floor from the clutter of the panoramic terrace and guarantees the optimisation of the building by obtaining environmental sustainability certifications (LEED Gold and BREAAM – very good).