Name: Sarca 235-Philips Headquarters
Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2013-2017
Tipology: Office
SL: 16.000 mq
BMS Progetti,
BMZ Impianti,
Client: Hines

The new Philips headquarters is located at Viale Sarca 235, in the midst of the urban transformation of the north-eastern industrial area of Milan. The restyling of the existing building is based on simple dimensional and geometric elements, designed to meet the best functional characteristics required of a contemporary office. Among the most distinctive features of the new building, the golden corrugated metal fa├žade stands out. By playing with the different orientations of the panels, the building stands out for its changing nature, imposing itself as an unprecedented landmark in the Bicocca area. The main entrance is from Viale Sarca, through a double-height central lobby covered by a canopy. An extended urban square connects the flows of the city with the interior of the building, according to a careful process of crossing. The gold and light of the exterior is echoed on the upper floors with the creation of extremely light and transparent offices.

The overall renovation project also included a curtain wall, new external safety stairs and the creation of new mechanical and electrical installations. The efficiency of the building is ensured by a compact floor plan and an excellent ratio between service and service areas. The internal flows and distribution dynamics guarantee maximum flexibility and privacy.

The rationality and quality of the design and installations result in a prestigious building with a high level of certification, as evidenced by the Leed Platinum certification. The innovative and classic image speaks of innovation and durability, of a dynamic building, transparent with a contemporary classicism that combines high functionality with high formal value.