Name: Via Paleocapa 7
Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2014-2017
Tipology: Office Surface:
SL: 8.300 mq
Stefanelli impresa edile,
Ing. Umberto Angilella,
Climacentro S.r.l.,
Ventaggia S.r.l.,
Voltaire Design,
Studio A.AP

The project for the offices at Via Paleocapa 7 brought to light the formal identity of Pietro Lingeri’s building. The discovery of photographs of the building site at the time was of fundamental importance, highlighting the original clarity and simplicity that had been distorted by subsequent renovations and refurbishments. The design process was based, at all stages, on study and research to ensure the coherence of the proposed interventions. The first of the interventions was the re-proportioning of the fa├žade openings, followed by the redesign of the gate on Via Paleocapa and the entrance canopy. All the new elements have been designed to dialogue with the proportions of the existing elements, giving the building a new aesthetic and formal rigour.

The redistribution of the green areas included the creation of resting places for users. Evocative presences of a metaphysical nature decorate the common areas, playing with the different materiality of the stone, metal and glass elements.

On the wall a metal decoration with an essential design, among the new essences a seat and a balustrade in white stone: punctual artistic interventions that link the inside and the outside, transforming private spaces into places permeable to the gaze of passers-by.