Name: Appartamento 2.2
Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2019 – 2022
Tipology: Residential
SL: 204 mq
Client: Private

Located in a building completely renovated by Scandurra, the apartment has been conceived and designed in all its parts to create a dialogue with the tradition of Milanese interiors, offering an updated interpretation of it. Sobriety and elegance, even in the smallest details, characterise the stylistic language of the entire project. The kitchen, dining room and living room form a single continuous environment in which the eye can wander. The tones, colours and materials create a sense of unity and enveloping comfort; the decorations and details combine to create an environment of Milanese elegance that is never ostentatious.

Custom-made furniture with fine finishes distinguishes the various rooms and defines their character. A piece of maple furniture with a burnished brass shelf separates the kitchen from the living room; it has a double function: as a bar cabinet on the kitchen side and as a cabinet for storing the television on the living room side.

Special attention was paid to the design of the wall panelling and ceiling stucco in the great room. These are motifs with a more or less regular arrangement that reproduce geometries traceable in Milanese decorative imagery and that help to characterise the apartment.