Name: Arco
Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2019 – 2022
Tipology: Residential
GBA: 2.781 mq
SL: 1.307 mq
Residential units: 12
MCM S.r.l.
Tekser S.r.l.
SIO engineering
Client: Kervis SGR

In the historic Brera district, at the corner of Via Mercato and Via Arco, tradition meets modernity in a Milanese building of simple elegance. The building at Via Arco 2, which dates back to the early 20th century, has been renovated with slightly lighter colours and a corner decoration that mirrors that of the opposite side of the block, giving the building a new charm and bringing it into harmony with its context. The intervention on the façade, both on via Arco and via Mercato, aims to preserve and enhance the original structure, its constructive and perceptive characteristics, as well as its morphological, typological and material features. A careful study of the original stylistic and material characteristics of the building is the basis for a consistent choice of materials and colours for the finishes.

The existing decorative elements and types of doors and windows have been preserved. The interventions introduced in terms of decoration and colours respect the characteristics of the building and are considered to enhance the value and the visual and aesthetic impact of the building itself. The main entrance is from Via Arco 2, where the access to the building has been renewed with a new entrance door in steel structure with burnished treatment and glass, allowing a view of the internal spaces of the common atrium from the street.

In the courtyard, in order to recall the flavour of Milanese courtyards with balustrades, all the balconies will be vertical and framed by a single, lightly painted iron structure, which will be used to grow climbing plants. The choice of colours for the trellis matches the bespoke wall lights.