Name: La Scala Bookshop
Location: Milan, Italy
Years: 2008 – 2013
Tipology: Exhibition
SL: 200 mq
Client: Skira Classica

A meeting point between the Teatro alla Scala and its city, Milan, the Teatro alla Scala Bookshop has been designed and built to enhance the intimacy of listening and viewing. Like a magic box, the small space takes on different qualities with variations of light and overlapping perspectives. By dematerialising the boundaries, its purpose is to enhance the content and create an emotional environment capable of evoking the theatricality of the place.  The installation is designed to lead the visitor through a long and overwhelming musical sequence: a bookcase forms the backdrop to the entrance and leads to the door leading into the foyer, while a monitor leads to the listening room on the lower floor. 

The large reception desk gives control of all the rooms on the ground floor, which are multiplied in the reflections of the white glass and coloured mirrors that characterise the space. 

In the simple and rigorous hierarchy of the displays, the emotionality of the layout comes to life and is illuminated by the changing coloured lights, in accordance with the phenomenon of musical synaesthesia.