Name: Stand Elica
Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2022
Tipology: Exhibition
SL: 720 mq
Verde e Fiore,
Lighting Design: Invisibe Lab,
Styling: Martina Sanzarello,
Client: Elica

Eurocucina 2022 was an opportunity for Studio Scandurra to design a space capable of stimulating and reactivating all the senses. In order to best express the work of research and technological innovation carried out by Elica, the environment designed to house the latest generation of cooker hoods is configured as an alchemical laboratory where transformation is at home. Under a sky of flowers, visitors will be welcomed to the Elica stand at Eurocucina 2022. Here, air takes on quality, becomes essence, perfume. A play of transparencies accompanies the discovery of Elica design in an exhibition space that dissolves.

The four elements: air, water, earth and fire, are the protagonists of a path that leads to a convivial environment where the exchange and relationship with nature involves the visitor in continuous cycles of transformation. The sharing of food is the culmination of an experience that is both immersive and sensual.

“The kitchen is a magical place of transformation, where elements mix and give life to something surprising. Scientific research and the wonder of daring combinations represent Elica and its way of thinking, so the stand becomes a great alchemical laboratory”.