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The bookshop at La Scala is characterized by a simple hierarchy of display. The space is easy to use but has a disturbing character. It offers a dynamic exchange between the theater and the city.
Emphasis is placed on opening up the space, dematerializing the supports to enhance the content and expanding the dimensional scale of the interior with reflections and multiplications.
The fittings are arranged in such a way as to guide visitors on a sort of tour of the musical catalogue. A long bookcase forms the backdrop as they enter from the street and a vista toward the door leading into the foyer; the large reception counter makes it possible to keep an eye on all the spaces of the floor; a monitor guides people toward the stairs that lead to the listening room on the floor below.
The room is designed to accentuate the natural intimacy of listening and looking: like a magic box, it takes on different spatial qualities with variations in the light and in the possible configurations of the fittings, thanks to the use of simple sliding panels, in pursuit of an emotional setting that is suited to the theatricality of the location.

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