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Name: Torre Futura

Location: Milan, Italy

Anno: 2018 – in corso

Typology: : Residential


Land Area: 4.730 sqm
GFA: 5.900 sqm
GBA: 18.000 sqm
SL: 6.274,38 sqm
Residential Units: 41
Studio Arrigoni
Logica Ingegneria S.r.l.
Varallo RE;

Castello SGR – Fondo iniziative immobiliari S.r.l.

Close to Scalo Farini, with 23 above-ground floors, Torre Futura rises on the edge of the consolidated city, in a strategic position with respect to the conversion of the former railway area into an urban park. The typological choice of the tower was dictated by the desire to create a connection between the densely built Cenisio district and the nearby urban space next to the railway infrastructure, avoiding the situation of a dead-end lot.
Torre Futura thus becomes part of a larger urban system and establishes itself as a new ordering reference point for the city.

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