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Name: : Accursio

Location: Milan, Italy

Year: 2022 – ongoing

Typology: : Residential

Area: : SL: 9.938 sqm

CEAS S.r.l.
Rethink Energy s.r.l.
Studio Mistretta & Co.
Studio Ghezzi

Customer: Abitare In

Relating both to the curtain wall system and the typical open plan of the modern city, the residential complex designed by Scandurra Studio Architettura in Piazzale Accursio presents itself as an organic architecture, a form in progress, open and unfinished, which reacts, through local adaptations, slight rotations, deformations and withdrawals, to both external and internal stimuli.
The goal is the overall redevelopment of the area by arranging a new system of relationships and synergies capable of generating urban quality: with the city, public spaces, and the greenery.

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