Vietnam National Exhibition and Fair Center

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Culture, Urban & landscape




Hanoi (Vietnam)

The project shows the realization of a modern, international fair complex in Hanoi, designed to host exhibitions and big events.
In our project the need for functionality expressed in the initial brief of the contest is satisfied; moreover, we have imagined an environmental system able to interact with the surrounding landscape.
In this project we have been careful to the relationships with the environment of the nearby river and of the nearby areas threatened by floods. We have also been careful to include in the new system infrastructures like means of transport and the urban structure of the future city of Hanoi.
The organization of the new fair complex is based on a classic structure with a central axis, on which a variety of functions and exhibition spaces are developed, in order to optimize the flexibility and the efficiency of the system.
The main axis, which develop along the East-West axis, is 100 meters large and has been designed to host the flow of visitors as well as a sequence of episodes strongly characterizing, which emphasize the vitality of the route – such as stretches of water, stands and suspended landscapes.

With: Proger, Manens-Tifs, Studio Architetti Mar, Giovanni Vaccarini – Sincretica Srl, ZDA Zanetti Design Architecture, Land Milano srl, Systematica

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