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The building is located in Via Arco 2, in the Brera area, in the historic centre of the Municipality of Milan. The building consists of a corner building overlooking Via Arco and Via Mercato, and fits all within a larger lot between Via Arco, Via Mercato, Via delle Erbe and Foro Bonaparte. The building seems to have been completed at the end of the nineteenth century. It is a residential and commercial building only for the ground floor.
The project for the building in via Arco, 2, in its extension on via Mercato, has as its objective the conservation and enhancement of the original structure, of the constructive and perceptive characters that characterize it, as well as morphological, typological and material.
A careful consideration of the original stylistic and material characteristics of the building are the basis of coherent choices for materials and colours of finishes. The existing decorative elements and the types of doors and windows will be preserved. The interventions introduced, related to decorations and colours, will be contained and, in respect of the building’s characteristics, they will be considered as improvements for the value and the visual and aesthetic impact of the building itself. The main entrance is from Via Arco 2, where access to the building will be renewed by a new entrance door, designed as a steel structure with burnished treatment and glass, which allows the interior spaces of the common lobby to be glimpsed from the street.

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