TDM6 – Move – The game is (never) over

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Triennale di Milano

An Unease for the life, an exorcism for the death. Vital playful forms, and at the same time archetypical forms, ritual objects and the ritual is always an attempt to give death a meaning. Daily objects can be reconsidered, thanks to the transfigurative gesture, from the Duchamp pissoir to the Warhol Brillo Box, a real move.
The transfiguration of the sacred is somehow an inverse operation; it leads to a domestic landscape, made of objects which are technically replicable; forms and figures which occupy unique and non-transferable places.
Sottass translates archetypical and archaic forms within in an urban, daily, ordinary background. It evokes the sacred within the ordinary. It takes the altar within the home and it turns the totem into an object to use.
Move- the game is (never) over: sex walls and plants surround the room furnished for the sixth edition of the Triennale Design Museum “The syndrome of the influence”, a slot machine mixes and reveals one by one the constellation of references and links of the Sottass work.

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