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The project area is divided into four areas crossed by a public bypass linking viale Vignola to via Guido Reni. The system is regular and the public space, in concordance to the fluidity of the open space of the MAXXI, connects the main roads of the XIX/XX century system to one another creating an urban route.
Respecting this continuity, a direct comparison is proposed between the facades of two public buildings: the MAXXI and the main building of the City of Science, stressing the function of via Guido Reni as an axis and a link between the public buildings.
There is no interruption among the residencies, integrating the urban area of via Flaminia and via Piero della Francesca.
The structure of the public services represents the front in via Guido Reni both of the East residential block and of the West one. Here, the space for the services develops in an L-shape, being the inner front of the public square.

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