Piazza Verdi, with Carsten Nicolai

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La Spezia

The existing layout of public spaces in the city of La Spezia is defined by an extremely different kind of presences. On one side the city faces the sea, where green areas run alongside the seashore; on the other, the hills act like a scenery of the city, and like an absence too, as they have been largely excavated in the 1800’s to make way for the city. The “geographical sensations” that recall the origins of this place were the starting point for designing the unique identity of this square. We wanted to create an empty space “lit up” by human emotions. This space for people, this place that gently guides the human behaviour, is the result of a careful attention to things, to the intimacy of the space, that becomes a stage filled with bodies, thoughts, relationships, looks.

With: Carsten Nicolai

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