Piazza della Repubblica, Varese

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The main theme of the project is the realization of a simple public area, that is to say a space which can be easily accessible in order to stimulate a feeling of belongingness.
The public space reacts to the stimuli deriving from the parts of the city which is surrounded by. The project shows the suggested potentialities stressing them out, by creating a system of independent – yet linked to one another – identities, a system of boundaries where the continuity of the fluxes is organized and the urban episodes are tied one another.
The simplification of the height differences and the concentration of the level drops in specific points allow to clarify the relationship with the hill, which goes down to the city center.
Piazza della Repubblica is characterized by a stretch of water, which can be configured, whose depth varies from 3 to 8 cm in order to organize activities in the open air.
The central axis, which has the function of boundary between Piazza della Repubblica and Piazza del teatro, regulates the height differences and the relationships between the two spaces.
The monument gains a new centrality and becomes a reference point which can be viewed from all the levels, because it is aligned to both the theatre and the square.
The theatre is positioned in the exact point where different kind of cities connect. Its circular shape facilitates and mediates the connection and the relationship among these parts of the city.

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