Parco delle Energie

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The project concerns the landscape integration and the visual mitigation of the Brindisi Regasification Terminal in the Capo Bianco area. Studies on the effects of the intervention led to the proposal for a land park along the east coast of Brindisi, in order to give back to the city the access to a wide portion of land and to change the identity of industrial areas towards a possible coexistence of nature and production activities. The components, detected in different research areas, had been conveyed in a more general project strategy, which we apply to different scales of intervention.
Asked to enhance the cultural and natural elements in the area, we decided to combine the proposals into a single organic framework, a sequence that links the historic city center to the Pedagne islands by involving all the episodes that occur in the path. PARCO DELLE ENERGIE takes shape from this path.

Posted in Selected, Urban & landscape

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