PAI – Padiglione per l’Infanzia

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A system of wings and frameworks occupy the entire lot. The project launches a system of wings and the creation of a green theatre, a small enchanted garden within which the entire building is immersed. The wings are the main back-up for the creation of a recreational-creative setting, where the children can develop a sense of belonging experimenting new spaces which stimulate their cognitive skills. The wings become a shield system against the buildings nearby, creating an intimate setting both inside and outside, overcoming the feeling of oppression caused by its particular location.
Within the  pavilion a fluid and dynamic space allows to set up easily both the inside and outside space. The inside  mixes up with the outside and the simplicity of the structure is connected with the space  complexity in relation with the outside space. The transparency of the walls allows the greatest  perceptive permeability , the recreational-vegetal wings create  an intimate reserved setting where the eye-sight can further stretch.

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