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My work deals with the control that power exercises over knowledge. Two antagonistic and conspiratorial figures listen to and communicate with one another, acting freely and operating in a world where borders have been abolished and the outcome is uncertain. Everything is sensitive.
A staircase leads from the bottom to the top. It crosses the horizon of the suspended ceiling and turns into a podium. A microphone connected to the public-address system on the podium makes it possible to play music or speak and to be heard all over the empty interior of the Italian Pavilion.
It is a concert hall.
It’s an arrangement with an invitation to perform: a stage, a music room waiting to be used or to be played, a place of potential energy that reacts sensitively to possible stimuli and personal will. The codes and levels of accessibility of knowledge, the relationship between power and knowledge, and the hierarchies and stratifications of information are elements of the system.
The space produces sounds and each element becomes part of a larger musical instrument. It is a point of access to which we can connect.
Open Source / Sorgente Aperta / Sala da Concerto

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