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As the only high-rise in the historic centre, it represents a symbol and an opportunity.
The concept aims to better clarify the uniqueness of this tower by turning it into an urban icon, a totem visible from afar, as well as a privileged observatory for the city and the landscape.The first choice was to let the city enter inside the lobby and pass through the reception areas. Inside, the city’s scenarios are materialized. The elegance of the noble palaces and the vitality of the popular neighbourhoods are blended with fragments of history,through
a sum of images that define a controlled chaos, materialized as light structures supporting images, like billboards representing a complex and moving urbanism. Passing through this inner city, along the path to the rooms, the message “What you may see in the sky” asks the guest on what he may see in the upper floors of the tower experience. The rooms thus truly become suspended spaces in the sky of Naples, in direct contact with the experimental dimension of the landscape, the blue and the sky of Naples.

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