Natura-Ipernatura (winner project)

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Graniti Fiandre competition.
Nature Ipernature: exhibit elements obtained through the transformation of the stone takes us to think how the human being is linked to the confrontation with the nature, linked to its symbolic values and its transformation.
Nature and technique, nature and symbols, are the aspects take into consideration in the project through the evocation of spaces and natural emblems that represent energy and force of nature and through tools which are at the same time exhibiting an example of the characteristics of the material.
The goal is that of communicating the materials, in particular stone, from its original state through the perception of physics, weight, and consistency to its transformation revealing the quality of the raw Flanders materials which are characterized by lightness, manoeuvrability, long-lasting, and flexibility. Light, graphics, and colour are divided between a more symbolic line and a more technical line used by the information structure.

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