MDF Italia – Salone del mobile 2018

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The project presents a division in two areas. An exhibition area where to present the objects and a restricted area, with an ambience more suitable for meetings. Hence the choice to separate the areas by using two shades of clear and dark colour. The project is about void and tension. The sceneries are simplified to give continuity to the relation between object and space. It is as if the tension between gravity and suspension of the vertical planes causes a disunity of the vertical planes causes a disunity of the visual horizon.
They are diaphragms which are contained in a semi-transparent box, allowing to catch a glimpse of the interiors. The planes in the space define the scenes converging on a central iconic element, that defines dynamism and movement in the space. The closed housing defines a time of concentration during which the semi-transparency makes the inside movement marginally visible. The internal scenes hint to rooms in continuity with each other, where a sharp and clear geometry leaves space to MDF Italia’s objects.

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