IFI – Stand 2019/2020

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Design, Exhibit, Retail




Milan, Rimini

The exhibition space is designed as a unique, simple and modular environment.
A semi-transparent surface, video screens along the perimeter and a ceiling of light, are the main elements of the space in which the Ifi objects are exposed. From a central path, as if we were going through a museum or a laboratory, it is possible to perceive the whole space and all the objects exposed. The space is transformed into a two-dimensional place where the story flows through the moving images of the videos.
A semi-transparent white box reveals the movements of the screens inside and outside the space, which mix with the movement of people.
A new interpretation of the first edition of Sigep has been developed for Host 2019 and Sigep 2020.
A space more open with video screens along the perimeter, some semi-transparent surfaces, wood windows frames and a ceiling of lights, are the main elements of the space in which the Ifi objects are exposed. The windows framed the furniture inside the space and the movement of people inside and outside. Space is designed to be innovative and not to represent innovation. An ideal space in which objects lose their physicality and get confused with their story.
A great choreography of machines, images and people tell about the relationship between technology and man.

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