Gianni Berengo Gardin, Venezia e le Grandi Navi

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Negozio Olivetti, Venice

The exhibition is a calligraphic overwriting, which lets the identity of the place have its own autonomy. The big ships go beyond the boundaries and overlap the horizon in the photographs by Berengo Gardin. The installation is concordant to the space of the Olivetti shop, designed by Scarpa, and to the memorable typewriters. The two thin metal structures, realized with metal vertical rebars, are tied to the parapet on the first floor and to the stone edge on the background of the shop – this way, the contact between the surfaces is strictly reduced.
The structures hold horizontally and along the whole length of the opaque black passe-partout made of a light material, which frame the photographs by Berengo Gardin.
The system of the exhibition is thought to be a mechanical apparatus which can be disassembled and reused.
This set-up is non-intrusive as well as faithful to the great Master’s project.

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