Donato Bramante e l’arte della progettazione

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Palladio Museum

The Palladio Museum asked to defend the aura of an extremely important drawing: the “foglio Uffizi 20A”. The drawing, in which Donato Bramante’s studies for the project of St. Peter’s Basilica are gathered, is offered to the visitors in a controlled, reserved and quiet area, where they can observe, study and meditate on it.
The starting point was working on Bramante’s concept of space and on his idea of digging into the mass walls. This was the idea from which the curved wall was created, leaving the wall channeling and the edges rough to evoke an idea of “dig in progress”.
Another element characterizing the exhibition is the “wall of thoughts” where Christof Thoenes’s studies and analysis are shown together with Alina Aggujaro’s drawings. The concept is showing some ideas, putting them on a grill (inspired by Bramante’s unity of reference, the palm) as if they were on an abstract mold.

Photo credits: Filippo Romano

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