Life controls everything.
The plans of arenas and circuses are not indeed an invention of a brilliant architect.
It is simply an architectonic application of an event observed from the street.
Two men wrangle over, the others form a circle around them and, behind,
others climb over something to see from on high. – Fernand Léger


The work of design is a critical act of comprehension, the writing of a text with an open structure. Conflicts revealed, program, places and contingencies lead to a continual process of discovery, creating moments of tension that turn into concrete experiences. In this way questions and problems are accumulated that become a critical resource with which to tackle the themes that are proposed to us. Research activities are carried out along the lines of these themes. They are areas complementary to the project where reality is broken down and reformulated into possible prototypes: the prefiguration of possible relations between the individual and society in a phase of continuous change.
The studio lives by a continual confrontation with experiences that spill over from the architectural repertoire into all the mechanisms and strategies for investigation of the real.


The studio’s teaching activity is an extension of the lines of its research. The subjects proposed initiate an investigation into the qualities of the spaces that are needed by a new social organization in order to prepare strategies of application that differ in relation to the scale of intervention and the field in which they will be utilized.
The instruments of the architect are used as a means of orientation in the development of schemes of possible relationships between the individual and society, questioning the limits and the areas of relation and casting doubts on the models of reference in a process that explores the prerequisites for changing conditions of existence.

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