Carlo Scarpa e l’origine delle cose

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The design of the exhibition is intended to serve as a guide on a journey through the mind of Carlo Scarpa, a machine for looking that puts the visitor in touch with the framework of the exhibition, which is that of the origin, the search for meaning, the rituals of creation. Following a track that ideally has no beginning and no end, Carlo Scarpa’s designs can drift, varying the point of view and leaving the possible sequences open (“I never finish my works”), but also be superimposed, preserving the memory of the time when plans were drawn on transparent sheets of paper, in successive layers.
The continual shift between observer and observed places us in an uncertain, indeterminate state that corresponds to the mode in which Scarpa begins his research. Having to give form to its own world, the project becomes a critical process, a research, an open structure that reconsiders why things exist. On the walls, a mental landscape: images of pictures with which Scarpa was familiar from having designed the displays for them in exhibitions and museums, partially veiled to isolate fragments of landscape.

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