The main theme of the project is the realization of a simple public area, that is to say a space which can be easily accessible in order to stimulate a feeling of belongingness.
The public space reacts to the stimuli deriving from the parts of the city which is surrounded by. …

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Paratico (BS)


A former industrial factory located on the banks of the Oglio river and then converted into a residential complex becomes the occasion to design a system of relationships among architecture, landscape and human wellness. …

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The area is characterized by curtain constructions, confirmed on the base of the building of the project. The focus of the building is a tower behind the boundary, a unique construction designed in such a way that it looks like composed of several vertical buildings,

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Seoul (South Korea)


The project covers 850 square meters in a commercial and residential compound owned by Lotte Group. The construction includes offices/residential/hotel tower, a casual shopping mall, and a luxury department store. …

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The small building is the union of an auditorium and a distinctive meeting room. The room has a trapezoid plan, from which an irregular volume shaped as a truncated pyramis is raised up, reproducing the shape of a visual cone. …

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Torviscosa (UD)


The combined cycle thermal power plant in Torviscosa is an occasion to apply a series of hypothesis and evaluations of the possibility to intervene on industrial buildings in complex situations. …

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The staff of Riccardo Blumer’s workshop in Mendrisio asked us to think about a part of a flying city to be shown to the Laboratorio Casabella during the final presentation of the course. …

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Furniture collection designed by Alessandro Scandurra for the Italian design company Estel.

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12th Architecture Biennale — My work deals with the control that power exercises over knowledge. Two antagonistic and conspiratorial figures listen to and communicate with one another, acting freely and operating in a world where borders have been abolished …

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